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If you don't really know what kind of a deck you want to build, try to do a little research at your local library or bookstore. If you find a book with a picture of the deck that you would like to build in your yard or something similar to the deck that you would like to build, purchase or check the book out so that you can start designing your new deck.

Deck building basics start with a good deck design. If you manage to find a nice deck in the deck building book that you would like to build, there's a good chance that this book will provide you with simple instructions on how to construct and build your new deck

One of the biggest problems with finding a picture in a book is that it's not going to be exactly the same size of the deck that you are planning on building. If the book has a picture of a deck that 16 feet wide and 20 feet long and you're planning on building a deck as 8 feet wide and 12 feet long, it's time to do a little modification with the deck building design.

Grab a blank sheet of paper and draw your new deck to scale on it. In other words if you're going to build a deck that's 12 feet wide, you will draw a line on a piece of paper that is 12 inches. In other words, for every inch that you draw on your piece of paper, this will represent 1 foot in length.

You can easily modify any deck drawing that you find in any book this way. After you have drawn your deck to scale, you can figure out the materials and construction assembly by looking at the pictures in the book and comparing them to your new design.

Take your time when drawing your new deck design, it can help you get a pretty good idea of how you were going to construct it. You can usually find any problems that you will have during construction, simply by taking your time when designing your brand-new deck.

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