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Ideas For Fun & Beautiful Pergolas To Enhance Your Long Island Home

It's amazing what a nice outdoor living space can do to improve your home life. Is your outdoor area boring? Would you like some extra shade and a place for everyone to relax and enjoy nature? Do you like to entertain family and friends?

Pergolas are the perfect solution for an outdoor living space. It's amazing what a beautiful pergola can do to enhance the landscape, but they are also highly functional when designed for the homeowner. Custom pergola construction is the only way to go if you are thinking about improving your home because they are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Pergolas in Long Island can be custom built in different sizes and shapes, so the sky is the limit. Before we go into some ideas, let's go over what pergolas are and how they are different from gazebos and arbors.

What Exactly Are Pergolas?

If you are like the general population, you call any type of outdoor structure a gazebo or a covered patio. While these terms are often interchanged to describe a covered outdoor area, the gazebo has a solid roof over it and the pergola has a lattice type roof.

Arbors are different from Pergolas in that they are more simple in design and are usually arched on top, whereas Pergolas are generally larger structures that are used for large areas. An example of a Pergola is the covered areas that follow along a garden path. Pergolas can be large or long but Arbors are normally built for only a few people.

Also, to confuse matters, both an arbor and pergola can be a freestanding structure or attached to the home. The main difference is the size with pergolas being used to cover large areas.

Pergolas Designed For Relaxing

Having a little shade while you relax under a pergola is nice. The entire family and all your guests should be able to comfortably enjoy themselves under a pergola. Add a few beautiful fragrant flowering vines and enjoy the sweet air while having drinks with friends or sit by yourself and enjoy a good book in the peace and quiet of your own backyard.

Incorporate an outdoor custom-built sofa that you can completely stretch out on or enjoy a nice evening with your lover. If you have a healthy imagination, it's easy to see yourself sitting under your beach-sized pergola, enjoying a drink before dinner with your wife as you watch the sunset together. Or perhaps you desire a romantic fairytale-like setting in your wooded back yard, with soft-glowing string lighting to enhance the mood. When it's built just for you, there's nothing that can't be done if given enough space for the build.

Custom Pergolas For Entertaining

If you entertain a lot, building a covered area for guests to enjoy on a beautiful day or evening is important. A custom pergola is a perfect solution to extend the living space of your home to the outdoors. A standard patio or deck will not shelter your guests and protect them, but a pergola will give them just enough shelter to still let the air flow through. They are also the perfect pool-side addition. Imagine a beach-sized pergola that houses different seating areas for the guest, a nice beverage bar, or even a fire pit and outdoor kitchen or BBQ grill.

The Benefits Of Custom Pergolas

Adding a pergola or other enhancements for outdoor living will add value to your home and provide the perfect shelter for relaxing. If you ever sell, a more appealing exterior will help your home to appeal to more people. You'll be competing with neighboring homes that aren't so nice and don't look as good. A beautiful pergola always goes a long way to make your home worth more than a concrete patio with no roof.

When a custom pergola is built for you, it will be the showpiece in your landscape. You'll be sure to make your friends and family talk about your beautiful new lawn, and you'll be able to enjoy the look and function of your new pergola for some time to come. To learn more about Custom Pergolas in Long Island, please call Decks Unique, Inc.

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