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Long Island Deck Design & Planning

Deck design and building

Occasionally we meet a Long Island home owner who is having difficulty visualizing what they want in a deck design.

As professional deck builders, we understand that it may be hard for a customer to know whet their deck, porch or gazebo will look like when its finished, so we take steps that will alleviate the confusion.

Deck Design and Deck Project Planning in Long Island

Decks Unique utilizes state of the art construction design software, allowing you to view your Long Island deck or porch project in full 3D color prior to construction. It also guarantees dimensions with computer accuracy assuring that the deck design fits within the framework of your home and your property.

This critical and often overlooked process helps to guarantee that the dream for your new deck or porch becomes your reality. Just another reason of what makes our Long Island "Decks Unique."

Offering Long Island Quality Deck Designs and Services:

Long Island Deck Design and Planning Showcase

Below are examples of how some of our deck building projects went from the drawing board, to digital design, to the yard! Deck Unique uses 3D rendering software to conceptualize designs for clients.

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