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Adding Luxury Around the Pool: Decking Options For Your Brentwood Pool

The best looks for a Brentwood swimming pool are not only inclusive of basic designs, but also the ability to landscape around the area you are building. If you are looking at designs that offer more luxury and allow you to enjoy the outside of the pool as much as the water, then decking is one of the areas you need to consider. A Brentwood custom built deck offers you even more capabilities with creating the specific look you want, while having more added into the overall look to your pool.

Decks are typically used for cosmetic looks for the area surrounding your pool. They also provide a non slip surface for before or after the swim. Typically, a deck will surround the entire pool and will take the same shape of the pool you have. Other types of pool decks will spread into a lounge area where you can stay close to the waters while enjoying the sun shine. This is dependent on the type of deck you decide to build and what you want to include with the cosmetic look around the water.

The first aspect to look into with the deck you are building is the width you want it to be from around the pool. You want to consider the coping that is around the edge of the pool first. This is the edging of the pool that stops the water from going onto the landscaping and provides an edging for the pool. The decking will begin after this layer and includes brick or stone. If you only want a small deck, then getting one set of bricks or stone around the pool provides some edging without going to extremes. You can then build more sets of stone that move out from the pool that matches with the landscaping you have.

If you decide to build a deck that moves further out from the pool, then you can consider changing the shape of the deck. The most symmetrical option for the pool is inclusive of a deck that has the same set of bricks on each side, usually which includes one smaller pathway to a series of five bricks placed around one area. However, some may also consider building decking out on one side or to have an alternative deck that is shaped differently then the deck around the pool. This provides the lounge or walking area you are considering for your pool.

After you have taken the main shapes into consideration, then you can add in specific materials for a better fit. Old world shell, tumble lock, coral, stone, bricks, pavers, tile or concrete are all available for the edging. The difference between these is not only with the texture and pattern provided, but also with the designs that are created from the look. With the different materials, you have the ability to define the color, look and feel around the pool, all which helps to create an inviting area to dive into.

If you are interested in redefining your outdoor living space, then beginning with a swimming pool and showing it off through the accent of a pool deck is the beginning to the perfect design. This helps to design around the pool area you are in and allows you to create the perfect place to entertain, relax and enjoy your outdoor living space. Knowing the options for building a deck that fits with the pool you are building is the beginning to enjoying even more of the outdoors. Consult with a professional Brentwood deck builder today to get started!

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