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Above Ground Pool Decks Add Fun and Value

Constructing a deck can help you disguise the walls of the pool and is also a practical addition because it offers swimmers a place to relax and lounge around the pool once they're done swimming. With the options available today, Long Island residents can even install a swimming pool deck large and elaborate enough to accommodate an outdoor kitchen and use the deck for entertainment purposes.

As with any construction project, have an idea in your mind ahead of time of what you'd like your deck to look like and for what purposes you want your deck to fulfill. Here are some things to think about before you talk to your deck build ling professional: how tall do you want the deck? If it is as high as your pool walls, will that mean you can see into your neighbors' yard - and vice versa? As mentioned before, you need to decide what purpose you want your deck to serve - merely functional or do you want it to double as an area for entertaining friends and family.

Wood is the most popular choice for decking material but there are some practical reasons why it might not be the best choice - because of the constant splashes of chemical treated water. If you have your heart set on wood make certain it is pressure treated but keep in mind that it will need to be re-treated regularly. Other choices to consider are plastic or composite lumber or a mix of both.

Whichever you decide, you can rest assured that adding a deck to your above ground pool will add to the fun and enjoyment you reap during swimming months. Visit below for custom deck building designs and projects done by Decks Unique.

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