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Pergolas Can Transform Your Yard

Transform your new york yard into outdoor hangout

A well-planned pergola can add usable outdoor space to a backyard or patio. Here we show a few ways a custom pergola can enhance the exterior of your Long Island home.

  1. Accent your garden. A pergola is composed of a series of columns that support open cross-beams--the perfect habitat for climbing plants and vines.
  2. Define an outdoor living room. Not only does it provide open cover, but it instantly adds a welcoming atmosphere and European charm to your outdoor dining room, cocktail destination or casual hangout.
  3. Connect sections of your yard. Most pergolas have four columns for a room-like structure, you can add columns to create an extended covered walkway. Hung with wisteria and other climbing flowers, a pergola can become the prime location for a relaxing stroll.
  4. Make some shade. A pergola provides partial shade, filtering harsh glare while still allowing enough sunlight to reach your plants.
  5. Add romance to your home. It's no wonder pergolas are a common site for marriage proposals. Place a bench beneath a free-standing pergola to create a private nook for gazing at the sunset or stars.

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