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How to Choose a Size and Shape for Your Deck

How to choose a size and shape for your deck

The planning phase of deck construction involves a lot of decisions regarding the material, shape, size, and color of your deck, and hiring a deck contractor with deck building experience in Long Island is one of the best decisions you can make. Local building codes may limit your choices, but your options will still be numerous. The primary factors that affect the size and shape of your deck is your budget and the deck's intended purpose. How much are you willing to spend, and will your deck be a place for you to garden, entertain, or relax?

The Size of Your Deck

Typically, the size of a deck is determined by a budget, the space required by the homeowner, and the size of the home. To figure out how much space you'll need, plan the layout of outdoor furniture on your future deck, and look to your indoor dining and seating areas for guidance. The proportions of your deck should flatter the size of your house, and your deck contractor may suggest a couple rules of thumb. Your deck shouldn't exceed 20 percent of your home's interior square footage, and it shouldn't be larger than the biggest room in your house.

The Shape of Your Deck

If you have a big budget and a skilled deck contractor, the shape of your deck can be whatever you imagine it to be, but the landscaping that surrounds a home usually influences the shape of a deck. You'll want to choose a deck shape that accommodates your landscaping while allowing for the best view of the outdoors.

Deck Shape Ideas

The more planning you do now, the less stress and frustration you'll experience later in your deck construction project. As you make decisions regarding the size and shape of the addition to your Long Island home, make sure to consult a deck contractor at a reputable company like Decks Unique.

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