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Cabanas and Their Uses in Long Island

Apart from entertaining guests, a pavilion type cabana at your poolside in Long Island is helpful for storing pool equipment like floats, noodles and other toys. Larger cabanas are ideal for chatting with friends over drinks, entertaining family, and just having a relaxing personal oasis to escape to.

Smaller cabanas allow for more privacy and intimacy than larger Long Island cabanas , and can serve as dressing rooms or showers. They are also useful as a private play space for children who are tired of the water or as living room equipped with electronics such as a television, DVD player or computer.

A standard size Long Island cabana will easily hold a few chairs for rest and relaxation, and you can easily accommodate a table or a mini-bar for further enjoyment of this outdoor living space. If the main purpose of your cabana will be for eating and drinking, you can make the cabana spacious enough for a dining table, a pleasant area for eating, and and outdoor kitchen to truly enhance your cabana experience.

Remember to call a professional deck builder that offer cabana building services, however, to ensure your cabana is fully equipped and structurally sound. This is especially true if you plan on having electricity or gas connections added to your poolside cabana. Make sure to use only flame-resistant material if you intend to have any heating elements inside. Also check with your local government for any license or code requirements.

It is important to know that flooring in a pool cabana has to be waterproof to save your cabana from rotting. Likewise, flooring tiles should be easy to clean with warm water and soap. There is a huge variety of floor tiles available for your cabana that come in different sizes, designs and colors. Your local Long Island deck builder or cabana specialists will be able to tell you exactly what is available on the market today.

If you care for aesthetics, you can paint your Long Island cabana with pleasing colors to blend with the design of your home, creating a soothing ambiance. Blues and greens evoke the feeling of water and can help calm your mind and nerves. People generally install some type of metal roofing or tin for the ceiling of a cabana as these materials harmonizes well the cabana feel.

You can equip your Long Island cabana with mounting plates for a ceiling fan or a wall-mounted television. A misting fan may also be a wise option for summertime use. To add to your comfort you can have matching cushions, bed coverings and pillows inside the cabana. Pool cabanas admittedly add spice and versatility to your home by creating an entirely new multi-use outdoor space.

If you are running a commercial pool or have a hotel with an outdoor pool in Long Island, it is worthwhile to add a pool cabana to attract more guests. It is a fact that there are lots of guests who would wish to while away their time in a poolside cabana. They will also contribute to your business income as they will buy drinks from your bar or snacks at your poolside restaurant. Poolside cabanas can also provide you with new business opportunities as many people will like to use your pool as an event space and cabanas, like other outdoor pavilions and umbrellas, will offer them additional covered space.

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