Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Build Your Dream Deck

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Winter is the perfect time to build your dream deck! Don't interrupt your spring and summer fun with a project like this. Instead, have your dream deck built in the winter while you spend most of your time indoors.

In addition to being less interruptive, it will be easier to find a deck building contractor and get the materials during the cold season. As custom deck builders in the Long Island area, we at Decks Unique know that there are many reasons why it's better to build a deck during the winter.

First, The Cold Cures The Wood More Evenly

The cold weather during winter in NY will allow the wood to cure more evenly. First, you should know that every deck has a pressure treated lumber base no matter what the top of the deck is made of. So that moisture has to dry out.

Wood has to cure in order to stabilize. Pressure treated lumber has about a 50% moisture content because of the pressure treatment process. The wood has to dry out. When it's hotter outside, the wood does not dry out evenly.

In the winter, the air actually has less humidity in it because the air molecules contract and can't hold as much water. So this makes the wood of the deck dry more evenly. In turn, it's stabilized more evenly in the soil.

During the summer, the higher humidity exposes the new deck to harsher conditions. For one, the wood doesn't dry consistently. Additionally, the wood will expand and contract more. This drying and movement can cause cracks, warping, and other wood damage.

Second, Winter Deck Building Won't Interrupt Your Summer Plans

Spring and summer are the most active time of year for everyone. The beautiful weather brings us outdoors for some fun. If you build the deck during the winter, you'll avoid interrupting the plans you have with the family.

During the winter, you'll also find that it is easier to get materials and find a deck building contractor for the project. And since this is the time of year when you avoid going outside, it's also less interruptive to your daily activities.

And, There's Less Damage To The Ground & Landscape With Winter Deck Building

During the winter, the ground is colder and harder. The landscape is dormant during the winter season, so the deck building damage is easier on the plants and turf. Realize that the area will be experiencing some construction, so minimizing the damage is desirable.

Any way you look at it, winter is the time of year to start building your dream deck. Why not schedule a free consultation with one of our Long Island deck building contractors?

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